White Poppies for Remembrance—learning the lessons of war. 

Amongst our Remembrance Poppies are some white poppies—they are worn in the run-up to Remembrance Day every year by thousands of people in the UK and beyond. They have been worn in this way for over eighty years. The white poppy stands for three things. 

· They represent remembrance for all victims of war,

· a commitment to peace

· a challenge to attempts to glamorise or celebrate war.

White poppies symbolise Remembrance differently—they stand for remembrance of all victims of all wars. This includes wars still being fought. It includes people of all nationalities. It includes both civilians and members of armed forces.

We want to remember British military dead, but they are not the only victims of war. We also remember the many civilians who have died or suffered in war, both in the past and today, in Syria, Yemen and many other places around the world. Suffering does not stop at national borders, and nor should remembrance.

 White poppies symbolise a commitment to peace and to finding non-violent solutions to conflicts. In this way they reassert the original message of remembrance, ‘never again’.

The white poppy challenges attempts to glorify or celebrate war. It encourages us to stand up for peace and resist the causes of war and militarism today and to learn the lessons of war.

Our white poppies have been supplied by the Peace Pledge Union   https://www.ppu.org.uk