About Us

Our Sunday worship

The “Parish Eucharist” is our service of Holy Communion, which we celebrate in church every Sunday at 11am. We sing hymns and read the bible together, the eucharist of bread and wine is celebrated using many of the rich symbols of christian liturgy: often involving candles, incense, colour and movement. The service follows a relaxed pattern which is easy for everyone to take part in, and it is friendly and community orientated, not stuffy. Hymns, songs, and some parts of the service are sung, accompanied by the organ music. Other parts are said together and we have times of quiet for our prayers. We aim to raise the heart, mind and soul to enter into the mystery of the God who is both with us here and now as well as beyond time, space and human imagination. Many people take a leading role in the service as  altar servers, readers, intercessors, etc. Children can go into the teaching room and enjoy their own activities, and at the end of the service they tell the rest of us all about what they have learned. The Mass lasts about an hour and a quarter, and is followed by refreshments in the church hall.

On the third Sunday of every month we aim to make the Sunday 11am Parish Eucharist very much an “all-age” experience with a more informal approach to the liturgy and by including a variety of participatory activities during the talk and the prayers. Children are encouraged to stay with everyone else throughout the service, all ages together. On these Sundays we try to ensure that the service takes less than an hour.

Sometimes, at special times of the year like Christmas, Lent and Easter we have other services during the week, and you can find updates about these on our website.