Thoughts in a crisis – coronavirus

Dear friends,

we are all facing strange times and we are not used to this level of disruption to our lives. Perhaps in earlier generations and in other parts of the world other people have managed to cope with and to come through similar crises. Graham our bishop of Kensington reminds us of the words of St Paul -that we have been given three great Christian virtues – faith, hope and love.

Faith tells us that we can trust in God who holds our times in his hands. we are not governed by blind fate or random chance but the sure and trustworthy hand of God through all the confusing and bewildering swings of history. The church has always prayed in times like this – so let us pray for the NHS frontline staff, for the most vulnerable and for a turning of the tide of this virus.

Hope We have our faith in the greatest message of all – when we reach the end of our own resources the risen Christ will meet us there, raising us above fear and despair and turning us to look forward to the day when this crisis will pass.

Love which casts out fear. Now is the time for the church to be known by its love – as we care for the vulnerable, communicate with and encourage those who are not able to get out, keeping in touch by phone and offering practical help.

Please pray for our church in White City as we rise to the challenge of keeping the faith, holding out hope and living out the love of Christ.

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