Christians and Muslims living together in White City…

I met with Fr Richard from the neighbouring Catholic Church yesterday – our two buildings are less than 100 yards apart – and then just a bit further down the same street (Commonwealth Avenue) is the Egyptian House, which offers the prayer room for local Muslims to pray and meet in faith. We have a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other as neighbours and fellow pilgrims on our faith journeys, and to commend the life of faith to the wider community. It seems really important today that people of faith come together to promote harmony, understanding and good neighbourliness. Together we can tackle the problems that are common to us all. A few weeks ago we all had a wonderful inter-faith Community Iftar during Ramadan and hosted by the Egyptian House. The local Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham has just relaunched its’ Interfaith Forum and we shall be playing an active part in it.

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